Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous

The Blade serves up 16 essential arm-growing tips.

Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous


I’m not into just pumping up my arms. I’m into making my arms grow. There’s a difference. I don’t do a bunch of high reps on curls and pushdowns or work really fast or anything. I stick to 8–10 reps, and I go as heavy as I can in that range. That’s what makes my arms grow. Of course, my arms do pump up, but that’s never my focus.


I’ll do pushdowns with either a rope or a cambered bar, and sometimes I’ll start my triceps routine with one and end my triceps routine with the other. They both hit your tri’s slightly differently. With either one, I lean forward a little and then lock my elbows. The only thing that should move are your forearms.


I’ve worked biceps and triceps together and apart over the years, depending on my split. I found working both muscles together in the same workout was best for me, instead of hitting each separately after a larger body part like chest, back, or shoulders. It allows you to focus all your attention on arms that day and lift the heaviest weights possible. Sometimes, I’ll do biceps first and triceps last. Other times, I’ll switch back and forth between a biceps exercise and a triceps exercise, but not supersetting. I’ll do all the sets for one [biceps] exercise and then all the sets of the next [triceps] exercise, alternating back and forth like that throughout the workout.


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