Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous

The Blade serves up 16 essential arm-growing tips.

Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous


At the end of my skull crushers [lying triceps extensions], I’ll do a few close-grip pressing reps, just hitting the top half of the movement, which is all tri’s. The presses are a way of keeping the set going a little past failure. When your triceps are exhausted from the skull crushers, you’re still going to have some pressing strength left.


I’m a firm believer in the barbell curl or EZ-bar curl as the No. 1 size builder for biceps. It’s the one biceps exercise that allows you to use some big weights. I always want to go as heavy as I can with perfect form for 8–10 reps on either barbell or EZ-bar curls. I’d say more than any other exercise this one is responsible for my arm size.


The key to arm training is the same key to training anything. You need to feel your muscles working throughout every rep. Forget about the weight. Focus on your muscles and focus on those areas of your muscles--like the peaks of your biceps or the outer heads of your triceps--that you want to hit with a particular exercise. I see people all the time humping up curls or swinging up skull crushers. Those are never the guys with the biggest arms in the gym. The guys with the big arms, we stay strict all the time, and we feel our muscles working.


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