Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous

The Blade serves up 16 essential arm-growing tips.

Dexter Jackson: Armed and Still Dangerous


If I ever did wrist curls, it was so long ago I can’t remember. I never needed to do them. My forearms got big enough just from gripping weights. Not training forearms allows me more time and energy to focus on all the other things I want to improve. But that’s just me. If your forearms aren’t big enough, maybe you need to train them. Maybe you even need to give them a special focus.


An exercise that Charles [Glass] got me doing is spider curls lying facedown on an incline bench. I let my arms hang down so they’re perpendicular with the floor, and then I curl an EZ-bar up. This one really works the contractions. It’s almost like I can feel my biceps peaks getting higher.


I’ve done every kind of intensity technique over the years. The one I used that brought on the most growth in my arms was trisets [three exercises performed without rest] or giant sets [four or more exercises performed without rest]. For triceps, I’ll always start with four or five sets of pushdowns on their own. Then I do the trisets. I’ll do dips on a machine, lying triceps extensions, and overhead rope extensions. Rotate through those three exercises four times [8-10 reps per set] without resting between sets, and you’ll get a great pump. Trisets and giant sets are effective for shocking stubborn muscles into growing. I use them a lot pre-contest.


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