Flex Lewis: How to Grow Subborn Pecs

The 212 Olympia champ's advice on building an impressive chest.


What’s your opinion on dumbbell pullovers as a chest exercise?

Pullovers work several muscles together: the lats, pecs, serratus, and abs. I feel like they help me in a front double biceps, because they work a lot of the muscles that you see then. I think bodybuilders should work pullovers into their routines at least occasionally—whether with a dumbbell or with a machine. The question is whether to do them with back or chest. I find they work well after chest presses to stretch out the whole upper body, but there’s no wrong answer. You can do them with either chest or back.

Talk about your form on cable crossovers.

You want to do cable crossovers slow and keep all the tension on the chest and control the negative. You never want there to be a point when you lose that contraction. Don’t let your arms go too far back at the top. You want to keep all the tension on the pecs. And then at the bottom, bring your hands together and squeeze as if you have a quarter between your pecs and you want to make it burst. I’ll hold that for a second or two. I’ll also sometimes do cable crossovers in a way where I bend so my upper body is parallel to the floor and push the handles down and together so that my hands are almost touching the floor at the contraction. This is just a way to get an even greater contraction on the pecs. I’ll sometimes start with traditional cable crossovers and then do a dropset or two at the end, and with those dropsets I’ll do the cable crossovers in the facedown style.


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