Hard Earned Abs

George Brown has been on a quest for perfect abs. Mission accomplished.


Ian Spanier


Sit sideways on a at bench, lean your torso back, and hold on to the edges of the bench with your hands for stability. Keeping your torso in a xed position, perform alternating/scissor kicks with your legs, focusing on your lower abs throughout. Keep the motion relatively slow and under control.

Brown says: “Lean back when you do this exercise to make sure you’re hitting the lower abs. Don’t have your torso straight up and vertical with the floor. I would even say keep your torso leaned back farther than 45 degrees with the floor.”

Ian Spanier


Kneel in front of a cable weight stack with a rope attached to a high-pulley cable. Grasp the ends of the rope and hold them at the sides of your head. Begin slightly bent over, then contract your abs to lower your torso toward the oor. When your head is around six to 12 inches from the oor, squeeze the abs hard for one or two counts, then slowly return back up to the start position.

Brown says: “It’s just about pushing to the limits here. How much can you take? The more you put in, the more you get out. Will Smith says, ‘I’ll die on a treadmill.’ I’m doing as many as I can, and then I’m doing 15 more. So I’m dying on the cable crunches, because I want perfect abs. You just have to build up a tolerance for the high reps.” 


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