How to Train Like a Dragon

Rich Gaspari is a testament to the power of perseverance with the most ageless pipes you'll ever see.


His rise to prominence in the bodybuilding universe was perhaps more unlikely than most. Gaspari would be the first to tell you that, as a boy, he didn’t exactly have the minerals for a world-class physique.

“I was the typical 89-pound weakling,” he says.

But things went from bad to worse when, at 14, Gaspari contracted a case of mononucleosis, a condition marked by persistent fever, sore throat, and crippling fatigue. Not surprisingly, his slight build didn’t fare too well.

“It had me ill for six months,” he says. “I couldn’t eat, and I got really skinny and very weak to the point my ribs were showing through my chest. The doctors recommended I weight train to put on some mass.”

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That turned out to be a better life prescription than expected. Gaspari eventually shook the mono and took the doctor’s advice to heart, collecting guidance and training hard wherever he could.


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