How to Train Like a Dragon

Rich Gaspari is a testament to the power of perseverance with the most ageless pipes you'll ever see.



Retirement can be hard for any athlete. When that which has defined you for most of your life is finally behind you, it can be difficult to find purpose. But Gaspari’s stature in the sport seemed only to grow after his posing days, and even though he was no longer competing, he was every bit the brand name that he had ever been. So in 2001, he took on his next competitive venture: the establishment of Gaspari Nutrition.

“I am a very competitive person and when I got into having my own supplement company I wanted to make the best products in the industry,” he says. “My goal was to make products to help people reach their goals. I love what I do and enjoy being out in the market and visiting accounts all around the world. I love to create new products. I love the marketing aspect of getting people excited about the product.”

Gaspari’s ascension to market success, however, wasn’t without some lumps.


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