King Kong Shoulders

Harold Kelly has had a great run atop the IFBB Pro League Wheelchair Division. His shoulders obviously can carry the weight of being at the top.


Ian Spanier


During Kelley’s warmup sets, he sits on the bench and tries to keep himself stable with his core. Once he goes below 15 reps, he will secure himself with a belt around himself and the seat. “I want to make sure I can train as heavy as possible, so the belt helps a lot. My partners help lift the weight up to my shoulders so I can take them and lift.” 

Ian Spanier


Kelley likes supersets to pump lots of blood into the muscle, and he feels that they really help him ll out his shoulders. “Supersets are a great way to add intensity to the workout, and I can still go high-volume.” With lateral raises, he focuses on strict form for the first two or three sets. “I’ll squeeze and pause at the top to make it harder. When I go really heavy, then I’ll allow myself to use a little momentum to start and will keep constant tension on the muscle by performing the reps without stopping.” 


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