Lou Ferrigno's Mass Class

Lou Ferrigno's 30 best training tips for gaining hulking size.



“I spend time at home before my workout thinking about what I have to train, the exercises, how I want to feel as I train, etc. I try to erase all negative thoughts from my mind. Then I go to the gym and put 100% into my workout.”


“Do benches in at least every other chest workout. They’re the single best exercise for pecs, and they’re great for shoulders and triceps.”


“Abs are not just for little guys. Even at 6'5", my abs were always among the best in any contest I entered. It’s no wonder, since I gave them a lot of work. This is my giant set ab workout. I did all four exercises without resting. Then I rested for two to three minutes and did the next giant set. I repeated that one or two more times.”

Hanging Leg Raise: 3–4 sets, 15–20 reps

Roman Chair Situp: 3–4 sets, 50 reps

Bench Leg Raise: 3–4 sets, 30–40 reps

Crunch Side Bend: 3–4 sets, 30–40 reps


“I prefer to work biceps with triceps, rather than hitting them on separate days. I usually start with biceps and finish with triceps, but sometimes I superset bi’s and tri’s.”


“I do shrugs with a barbell or dumbbells, but I feel like the best exercise for my traps is the upright row. I sometimes do barbell upright rows, but I prefer to do these with a cable, because I feel a stronger squeeze at the top. With upright rows, it’s essential to get your elbows as high as possible.”


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