More Size in Less Time

Add major size to your triceps with one working set.


Work this qualifying triceps training into a conventional split of chest-biceps, back-triceps, shoulders-calves-hamstrings and quads by themselves, in a four-on one-off schedule. Be prepared for a long haul before you’re ready to move on.

My one-set rest-pause workout is definitely not for amateurs, and certainly not for anyone who hasn’t had at least three years of consistent hardcore training; and I emphasize three years minimum , without taking any time off. None of this: “Oh, I had this come up and wasn’t able to train  for a couple of months.” It has to be dedicated get-your-butt-in-the-gym training. I hated it at first, but I hung in there. Now, I respect myself more than ever.

Once you’ve graduated to my one-set rest-pause workout, you’re ready to break down your triceps as quickly as possible, and I want you to do that by changing your split to three on and two off, training triceps after chest and shoulders on the same day. If you’re among those  dudes who whine that your triceps will be overworked and won’t recover enough to grow, I’m proof that such talk is heresy.

First, I warm up with only two light 20- to 25-rep sets of the exercise I’ll be doing that day. I recommend staying with your  favorites — those you believe give you the best gains. In my case, that could be pushdowns (regular, rope or one-arm reverse-grip). I then go directly to my maximum weight and do as many reps as I can, to absolute failure,  which takes me across the pain threshold and into another realm of intensity.

At that point, I take a rest-pause of 15 breaths, go to failure again, take another rest-pause of 15 breaths, and rep to failure a third time. That’s it.


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