No Weights, No Problem

The gym free workout - train anywhere, anytime.



For pectorals, we return to the gym-class favorite: the pushup. As with bench presses, the pushup stresses the pecs, front deltoids and triceps. Keep your palms flat on the floor, placed slightly beyond shoulder width. Keep your body straight as you lower your chest to the floor. If high reps come too easy, increase the difficulty by having someone apply pressure to your back or by doing them between two chairs. Focus on your lower pecs by elevating your upper body or on your upper pecs by elevating your feet.


If you can find an object that is at least half the weight of the dumbbell you’d normally train with, use it to pump out front, side and rear laterals. A piece of luggage is often the best “weight” available, because you can increase or decrease the resistance by changing the bag’s contents. Don’t try to match the weight of two dissimilar items. Instead, do one-arm laterals.


Hand and forearm muscles can be worked anywhere with a grip-strengthening device. Alternately, squeeze a tennis ball for high reps. Grip squeezing won’t add much muscle mass, but it can aid your ability to hold a heavy barbell or open a stubborn jar lid.


For abs, we recommend variations on the crunch. Regular crunches target the upper abdomen, reverse crunches focus more on the lower abdomen, and twisting crunches work the front abs in conjunction with the obliques.

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