No Weights, No Problem

The gym free workout - train anywhere, anytime.



There are many options for triceps. Close-grip pushups are performed similar to regular pushups, except with hands placed side by side. Lock out each rep. Dips between benches are done by grasping a bench behind you and resting your heels on a bench in front of you. (Two chairs or a bed and a chair will suffice as “benches.”) Dip down as far as possible. As with laterals, an improvised weight can also be used for one-arm dumbbell extensions. Additionally, the same person who helped with towel rows could provide resistance for towel pushdowns, pulling up just enough to make your reps difficult, but fluid.


Biceps can be worked with a towel and two helping hands; your partner pulls down as you curl. Biceps can also be targeted via underhand chins or an improvised dumbbell. In the latter case, pump out concentration curls, flexing throughout.


USE HIGH REPS Outside the gym, forget about training heavy. Instead, do 15-30 reps per set. For exercises such as the deep knee bend, you may need 100 reps or more.

FLEX YOUR MUSCLES Tense your muscles throughout each lift and flex hard during each contraction. This can make a seemingly easy exercise more difficult.

SLOW DOWN A tendency with calisthenic and bodyweight lifts is to go fast and let momentum take over. Instead, use slow controlled movements.

SPEED UP In contrast to slow exercises, speed up your workout pace by reducing the typical rest time between sets.


Sometimes a break from training is just what a hardgainer needs to fully recuperate and refuel his drive to grow. Still, you should always have the option to train when you can’t make it to a gym. These exercises are in no way a long-term replacement for weight training. Used as an occasional substitute shocker, the high-rep gym-free workout is a convenient way of telling complacent muscles, “Vacation time is over. Get back to work!”