Old School Shoulder Smash

Dennis James & Toney Freeman talk shop on building round, capped delts


FLEX: Was the 2012 Masters Olympia it for you, Dennis?

Dennis James: I’m retired! I’m done!

FLEX: Dennis, do you think Toney will be the next Albert Beckles?

Dennis James: [laughs] I don’t think so. I don’t think Toney wants to go to 60. And Albert didn’t compete as much as Toney does.

FLEX: What about you, Toney?

Toney Freeman: I don’t have an expiration date; I’m always going to bodybuild, but I can’t say how much longer I’ve got left onstage. If they keep the Masters Mr. Olympia up and going I’ll keep competing in that. Getting onstage is incentive and motivation for me to get in the gym and train hard. As long as I’m healthy and it continues to be fun I’ll keep getting up there. I’m making good money and I’m still having fun. [laughs] When the new guys start kicking my ass, I’ll step away. - FLEX

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