Old School Shoulder Smash

Dennis James & Toney Freeman talk shop on building round, capped delts


FLEX: You mention physical therapy, Toney. Have you ever had a shoulder injury?

Toney Freeman: No. Like Dennis I’ve been lucky. I’m not even injured and I do physical therapy. Of course it helps that my physical therapist was also my work-out partner. I learned so much from him just talking to him.

Chris Nicoll

FLEX: Dennis, when you were competing, your delt training resembled something most people who read bodybuilding magazines and train will be familiar with, more so maybe than Toney’s.

Dennis James: I liked to start with a heavier compound movement—a military or seated dumbbell press. Then laterals, front raises, rear delts on the pec deck or bent over with dumbbells. Sometimes I’d even skip rear delts because when I train back every rowing exercise works the rear delts.

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