Old School Shoulder Smash

Dennis James & Toney Freeman talk shop on building round, capped delts


FLEX: Dennis, what are your thoughts on Toney as a bodybuilder and his deltoids in particular?

Dennis James: Toney came a long way. He’s a taller bodybuilder with a very good structure, a perfect X-frame. He had a pec tear a long time ago that took him out of the game for a few years, but he came back strong and it didn’t slow him down. He has wide clavicles, which are perfect for his taller frame. His shoulders are very good now. He’s still in the mix, still fighting the younger guys at his age and he’s doing it because he was smart enough throughout his career to train right and avoid those career-ending injuries. So good on him— kudos to you, Toney!

FLEX: Toney, what are your thoughts on Dennis and his delts?

Toney Freeman: Dennis brought some of the biggest, roundest, most separated shoulders in the game. The way I look at it, bodybuilding is about making something out of nothing; most of us started as itty-bitty little dudes and we don’t look anything like we did. Dennis was a master of that. He got his shoulders so big it made up for the fact that he didn’t have a tiny little waist.

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