Reinventing the Wheels

How Australian Sensation Josh Lenartowicz Built Olympia-Worthy Legs



On the evening in November 2013 when Josh Lenartowicz squatted with Ronnie Coleman, he couldn’t have known that less than three years later he’d be flexing on the Olympia stage. No, that exceeded even his wildest dreams. He was just another “big bloke” when the Melbourne gym’s owner told him Coleman, touring Australia to promote his supplement company, might train. Uncertain if it would go off, Lenartowicz got in his back and biceps workouts. Then, triple-splitting, he drove to the gym again when he heard the eight-timer wanted to hit legs. “No way was I going to pass that up,” he remembers. Eventually, with Coleman’s encouragement, two extra plates were slid onto the bar.

“I found out I was capable of more than I ever thought,” he states. “That empowered me for a whole year. Whenever I felt tired, I remembered that day I did back and biceps and still came back [to the gym] and did legs and made a 75-pound jump in my squat. Limitations is just another word for fears, and they’re always an illusion.” Within a year of that fateful workout, he was a professional bodybuilder. Within two years, he had won two pro shows. Within three years, he competed in the Mr. Olympia, the pinnacle of bodybuilding.


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