Reinventing the Wheels

How Australian Sensation Josh Lenartowicz Built Olympia-Worthy Legs



Because his quads have grown fast through the years, Josh has changed little about his quad routine. He mostly sticks to four basics: squats, walking lunges, 45-degree leg presses, and leg extensions. “I have switched in some hack squats or Smith machine reverse lunges,” he states. “Also, I’ll change my foot stance sometimes. Changing that positioning, even just a little, will alter the movement to recruit a different chain of muscles. Mostly, though, the differences now come outside the gym, controlling my rest, nutrition, and supplementation.” The leg routine included here is for a 10-rep workout (Weeks 3 and 4), and though it looks like a crazy amount of volume (50-66 sets), note that the first sets of any exercise are so light he can perform them with virtually no rest.

He does the same number of exercises for both sides of his thighs: four for quadriceps and four for hamstrings. This is designed to place a special focus on the latter and bring his hams up to the elevated level of his quads. He will also alter his training split, sometimes working quads and hams together (as in our sample routine) on a four-day-per-week split and sometimes breaking them into separate workouts on a six-day-per-week split.

“It’s more instinctive these days,” he says of his training split. “I was once of the mindset that it’s hardcore to train every day. Now I’ve reached an understanding about life. We’re all physical, emotional, spiritual, relational beings, and we do have highs and lows, stress and happiness, and those things need to be addressed in the training. If life is great, I can train for six days per week twice a day, but if I have a shit week I need to drop it back to four days only. Just because I’m an Olympia competitor now doesn’t mean I have an immunity to the negatives of life. Not many pro athletes talk about it, but you need a positive mindset in order to be the best version of yourself in all walks of life. When the things outside of bodybuilding are going great for you, then that will help to make you a great bodybuilder because those things minimize stress and external factors.”


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