The Shoulder King

Steve Kuclo makes a strong set of delts even stronger.



KUCLO’S COMMENTARY “I don’t go to full extension at the top of the rep—I’m not locking out the elbows, and I’m not clanging the weights together. By stopping a little bit short, like you see in the photo here, I’m keeping constant tension on the delts. Another thing I do on these is I arch my back a bit and press from there. On shoulder day [Friday], I do only one pressing exercise—either a dumbbell or barbell seated overhead press.”


KUCLO’S COMMENTARY “I always try to lead with my elbows on laterals to remove the traps from the exercise as much as possible. Also, do your best not to swing the weight up; don’t use momentum. To keep tension on the delts, sometimes I’ll stop a little short at the bottom, where the dumbbells are a foot away or so from my legs—I typically do this with the lightest weight on the final dropset [20 reps]. When your arms are hanging straight down toward the floor with dumbbells, the tension is pretty much off the delts at that point. If you’re doing laterals with a cable, you wouldn’t have to worry about that, but with dumbbells it comes into play.” 


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