Strong Arm Tactics

How Flex Lewis turned his arms from a weakness to a strength.



Over and over again when I hear bodybuilders speak of bringing up weak points, the most important factor is the mind-to-muscle connection. It’s as if at some point the proverbial light bulb went of and they forgot about the weight and started truly focusing on the muscle. Typically, they’d spent too much time hoisting ever-heavier metal, and they never truly connected with the body part. Then, when they reduced the resistance and learned how to feel their targeted flesh working from stretch to contraction on every rep, their gains increased substantially. “I’ve just recently learned how to really hit my chest so my front delts don’t take over,” Lewis states. “Arms were the first area where I really learned how to focus on them in a way I was missing before.

“Before, my forearms would always take over. And then I started doing certain exercises and really squeezing, and I became less concerned with the weights. And over time I taught myself to squeeze and get connected with the muscles, and the weights obviously came back up with time. That mind-to-muscle connection was the most important thing. Another thing I did was I trained biceps on their own days, and I trained triceps on their own days. So I gave a lot of time to my arms each week, and I hit biceps and triceps alone to really focus on each muscle.”


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