Superset for Supersize

Muscle growth is a sure bet with this time-saving technique.


Per Bernal


  1. If you train in a crowded gym, it’s best to create supersets that allow you to stay in the same area, to make sure you can go from one exercise to the next without interruption. A few examples would be lying dumbbell pullovers + close-grip seated cable rows, incline dumbbell yes + at-bench dumbbell presses, and seated dumbbell lateral raises + seated dumbbell presses.
  2. When performing the compound exercise in a superset, utilize a slow eccentric contraction (4 to 5 seconds) and an “explosive” concentric (pushing or pulling the weight as rapidly as possible).
  3. When performing the isolation exercise in a superset, do the eccentric portion of the rep in about 2 seconds; then hold the midpoint (stretch position) for 1 second; and finish with a 2-second concentric. Note: If the isolation exercise allows for a powerful “peak contraction” against resistance (like with leg extensions or cable crossovers, for example), then make sure to hold for a full second at that point as well.
  4. Even when not utilizing supersets through an entire workout, they are an excellent way to finish off a body part—especially if it is one that is lagging behind the others. 

Pavel Ythjall


  1. Supersets allow for a greater time under tension for the targeted muscle, which is associated with igniting more rapid hypertrophy.
  2. Supersets bring about a more intense and dramatic pump, which saturates the target muscles with enhanced amounts of amino acids, natural hormones, oxygen, and vital nutrients.
  3. Supersets increase lactic acid production, which coaxes the body to release more growth hormone (GH) into your system. GH is a powerful muscle-building and fat-incinerating hormone. 
  4. Supersets are very time efficient, allowing one to train with maximum intensity in shorter periods of time.
  5. Supersets help stimulate the metabolism, making them an excellent adjunct to proper diet and cardio when looking to burn more body fat.


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