Top 5 Hamstring Training Mistakes

and how to correct them.




We started this month’s lesson with the provocative argument that hamstrings are the ultimate bodybuilding muscle group, but if you’re like most weight trainers, not only have you not given your hams their due respect, you’ve also been dissing them. Too many bodybuilders still relegate the back of their thighs to the back of their leg workouts. After slogging through an assault of squats and leg presses, they only eke out a few lackadaisical sets of leg curls. In relation to bodyparts such as biceps, which you doubtless lavish with sets, your hams carry more muscle and deserve at least as much volume.


  • Especially if your legs are lagging, consider training your hamstrings on separate days from your quadriceps. This allows you to focus more on each area.
  • If you train quads and hams in the same workout, try combining the two by following an exercise for one with an exercise for the other.
  • Do at least 10 sets for hamstrings, and at least three different exercises  in each ham workout. A sample 12-set routine consists of Romanian deadlifts, lying leg curls and seated leg curls, each for 4 sets.


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