Top 5 Hamstring Training Mistakes

and how to correct them.




When was the last time you did forced reps, drop sets or rest-pause to extend a set of leg curls beyond full-rep failure? For that matter, when was the last time you psyched yourself up for a balls-to-the-wall set of Romanian deadlifts in the way you approach a blow-out set of squats or leg presses? Owing in part to the fact that hams are frequently relegated to second place behind quads, and in part to the fact that they’re not a flashy bodypart unless colossal and/or sliced, most bodybuilders slog through their ham work on autopilot.


  • As mentioned previously, give hams their own workout to give them your maximum focus.
  • Doing drop sets on lying or seated leg curls is as easy as moving the weight stack’s pin into a higher slot. Make your last set of one-leg curls a drop-set sequence.
  • A training partner can easily remove stress from the positive halves of reps and add stress to the negative halves to keep sets going beyond failure.
  • If you train alone, you can increase the emphasis on the negative by raising the leg curl weight with both legs, but lowering with just one leg (alternating legs each rep).
  • Any ham set can be extended via rest-pause. Pause for 10-20 seconds in the ready position after reaching failure, and then do up to 4 more reps to failure, pause again, and again do up to 4 more reps to failure.


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