60 Seconds with Flex Lewis: Seated Side Raises

Expert tips from the 3X Olympia 212 Showdown champ



I am excited about a new series that I have been working on with my team through the holidays. Every week, on the homepage of my website you will find a new 60 SECONDS WITH FLEX video that shows a detailed training tip or technique. These easy-to-follow tips will show proper form and include a recommended number of sets and reps to follow for each exercise –and it’s only going to take you 60 seconds a week to learn something you can share with others. I will be shooting IFBB Pro athletes, as well as friends outside the bodybuilding industry. 

Every week, a new tip will be posted to so tune in. In the coming weeks, I will start taking suggestions or questions from the fans to be answered on video. ~ Flex Lewis #BeFlextraordinary

Click HERE for Double Biceps Cable Curls 

Click HERE for the Seated Pec Flyes



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