Volume Training, Old Method New Age

Blow it up with this modern-day twist on a timeless classic



Sounds like something from an old Rocky movie. It is. Those song lyrics suggest that hard work is the only way to combat your issues. Avoidance doesn’t work. One of the key things that’ll help your physique is to move the exercises, or even the workouts themselves, around to target your weakest areas. By now you know that big arms alone won’t cut it onstage or on the beach, so if your calves are lagging, move them up front. Do them first, not last, when you’re full of energy, and rather than dread getting to them, they’ll be behind you and you’ll be moving on to exercises you like better. The other piece to working hard is to keep the emphasis on the muscle being trained. Sure, cheat reps are fine and, in fact, I’m a big advocate of them—when they’re the last few in a set. Swinging, launching, and short-changing your reps reduces the chance for those muscles to get beaten up, and thus you’ll fnd that your weak spots are still weak. But no matter how you choose to complete these workouts, if you don’t leave the playing feld completely swollen with a range of motion half what you came in with, chances are, you didn’t work hard enough. Notice, I didn’t say that you had to be exhausted, nor did I suggest that a few gallons of water should have poured of your body. For true hypertrophy training, use your pump-factor to determine your workout’s effectiveness.

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