Welsh Wheels

Flex Lewis’ six steps for strong, thick, detailed legs.



Power your growth with high-octane techniques

“One of my training partners always likes to throw up on leg days,” Lewis recalls, chuckling at the thought. “He’s crazy...he loves it, though he’ll push himself so hard he’ll pass out after our leg workout.”

While depositing your lunch at the gym isn’t a prerequisite for growth, Lewis—who’s pretty maniacal himself in the gym, truth be told—says there’s the-top effort. “You do need to push yourself a little further than you think you can go, every time out,” he says. That’s where intensity techniques come to the fore.

Lewis relies on a selection of set-extending boosters, including forced reps (having a partner assist on a couple of reps after reaching initial muscle failure), partial reps (half and quarter reps after full reps are no longer possible), and negatives, which he sometimes pairs with his first quad exercise, leg extensions.

“At the end of the last set or two, I’ll sometimes get my training partner to come in as I fail,” Lewis explains. “Once I can’t do a full rep, he’ll put a couple fingers on the pad to help it the rest of the way, then I’ll do a slow negative. That’ll be at least two reps.”

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