Welsh Wheels

Flex Lewis’ six steps for strong, thick, detailed legs.



The race isn’t won in a day...divide and conquer for competition-ready legs

“When I was a junior under-21 bodybuilder back in the U.K. and Europe, my legs were predominant; they overpowered my physique,” Lewis says. “On the advice of my coach, Neil Hill, I took a year of my legs—I just did leg extensions here and there, and let my upper body catch up.”

Of course, it’s assumed you likely don’t have the same “problem” as Lewis faced in his early competitive days—a quick glance up and down an amateur bodybuilding lineup (or into any crowded gym) reveals more flimsy legs than an Ikea furniture showroom—but for those of you who desperately need lower-body bulk, Lewis’ approach when he returned to heavy leg training will benefit you too.

“What I do now is the same system as I did when I was a junior, splitting up my quads and hamstrings into workouts on separate days,” he says. “If I do quads one day, the very next I would do hamstrings. It has worked for me, because you can give full effort to both. Otherwise, you’re doing all your quadriceps pressing exercises first, and you have nothing left in the tank when it’s time for hams.”

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