Welsh Wheels

Flex Lewis’ six steps for strong, thick, detailed legs.



Keep the pit stops short

No less than six-time Olympia DorianYates passed along a valuable lesson to Lewis, who a few years back went to The Shadow’s U.K. digs for the training session of a lifetime. “I used to be naive, I’d do crazy two-hour-plus workouts all the time,” Lewis says. “When I read articles on Dorian, he’d say he’d be done with back in 20 to 25 minutes, and I would think to myself, ‘How? That’s not enough.’

“Later when I went to train with him,” Lewis continues, “we were done in 20 minutes and my back was annihilated. We did a lot of squeezes with heavy weight. I learned you don’t have to spend hours to get a great workout.”

Most body parts for Lewis these days are completed in less than an hour, with legs and back his two longest sessions. “I’ll do an hour, maybe a little longer on legs, because I’m working with a training partner and we’re moving a lot of weight.”

No matter which body part it is, he keeps propelling forward with little chitchat. “When I train on my own, my rest time between sets is minimal, and when I’m with a partner it’s limited to how long he takes to do his set,” Lewis says. “I think that too many people dilly dally around the gym, talking, sitting, on their phones. I’ve seen people sit on the same machine for an hour texting, and when they do a set it’s pathetic.”

If you want to text with Lewis during his workout, well, don’t bother. “I don’t have my phone in the gym,” he admits. “I’m going to war.”

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