Winning the NPC Nationals

What separates the top group of bodybuilders from the rest of the pack?


The more an athlete is able
 to suffer through the diet and make it to the gym day in and day out—even when he has barely enough energy to tie his shoes—the more advantage he’ll have over the competition. Knowing others wouldn’t stay on track only fueled Brian’s fire and gave him a definite edge over his competition.

Brian is a dream client. He basically becomes addicted to the diet and the contest prep. The more difficult the diet
 and prep became, the more challenged he felt to stick to 
it and conquer it. It’s common, and usually necessary, to restrict the diet more and more, making it harder as the prep goes 
along. And more often than 
not, I find myself in the position of requiring competitors to perform longer, harder sessions of cardio toward the end of a prep if they haven’t pushed hard enough during the beginning and middle stages.

With Brian, however, I found myself constantly adding more food in and backing off the cardio. Not only does Brian seem more balanced with the contest plan, but he thrives during this time. As with many top athletes I’ve worked with, Brian became virtually obsessed with his prep; it’s this obsession that not only makes top athletes great, but helps keep them focused when times get tough. The obsession, as well as the fear of failure if they go off the plan, are what give them the edge over others.

By the last four weeks of 
his diet, Brian was a machine running in top form. He probably had one of the easiest final-stage preps because he did what he had to do.

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