Winter Mass Part 1

The real deal on how to get big!


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Remember when I said some fat is a good thing? When fat is stored interstitially (with- in the muscle fibers), it creates both a more full muscle but also an additional leverage point for muscles to push against, thereby increasing both size and strength. This is great for big muscle bellies like your quads, chest, and lats, but not so good for thinner muscles like your abs. Furthermore, in smaller, thinner muscles like the abs, which are separated by a ligamentous tissue, those separations don’t keep their hard end points as both the water you consume and the fat you build like to set up camp between your muscles. As you are also likely aware, as you consume more carbs along with water, your muscles will fill up, making you look great if timed properly. No doubt you also know that after a period of time, the water (and carbs) will seep out and fill up the space between muscle bellies making you look flat…again.

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Unfortunately, with mass building, flat is really fat. But there is a solution. Rather than constantly worrying about carb timing and water depletion while you are bulking, do yourself a favor and concentrate your training on making your V larger, your chest bigger, and your quads something more like Branch Warren’s rather than Chicken Little’s. Getting fat and getting huge do not have to coexist in your same space. Heavy mass training means that your chest training outworks your belly training, and your shoulders and back training outwork your oblique bulge.

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