The World's Biggest Shoulders

Big Ramy's 4 rules to maximize your own delt development.


 RULE #3 


Watching Elssbiay is akin to seeing an engine piston in slow motion. He’s most comfortable with a controlled, steady pace, with a two- to three-second lift, a brief flexed lockout, followed by a two- to three-second negative. The idea, he says, is to avoid resting too long at any point in the rep, which would allow the tension to dissipate from the working muscle.

His reps also mostly include an ample stretch, avoiding the tendency to stop a rep range short. By working a muscle through a longer range of motion, more fibers are engaged and thus will suffer the damage necessary for growth. If you tend to use faster reps—a common sight in gyms, as guys tend to want to speed up reps in order to handle more weight—you may want to initiate an experiment over the next two weeks. Without worrying too much about your weights, work on slowing down your reps, counting out two- to three-second concentric and eccentric contractions on every set. The increased time under tension (TUT) will provide an all-new stimulus that could leave you sore, showing just how much you’ve been missing by hurrying through your typical workout.


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