Two-time Mr Olympia Phil Heath Workout Titans Gym

  • 2013 Mr Olympia Promotion - War Is Coming 2013 Mr Olympia Promotion - War Is Coming This fall, the best bodybuilders in the world will be competing in Las Vegas, NV for the most prestigious title of them all, Mr Olympia. The Sandow Trophy is totem these men strive to grab.
  • Kai Greene Arm Workout 11 Weeks from 2013 Olympia Greene Kills Arms IFBB Pro Kai Greene was in a great mood today taking us through his ever so grueling 2.5 hour workout starting with some cardio, stretching, calves, shrugs and a few other things before he hit the arm portion of the workout.
  • Big Ramy Posing session 3.5 Weeks from 2013 Olympia Big Ramy Posing Practice Rounds IFBB Pro Dennis James takes IFBB Pro Mamdouh Elssbiay through an intense posing practice before a huge back workout

Mr. Olympia showing more of his unbelievable dedication looked into finding a gym to go train at in the area after eating and relaxing for a short bit.