Who Will Claim the 2013 Arnold Classic Title?

Team AMI/Weider experts Dennis James, Chad Nicholls, and Fakhri Mubarak give us their take on whom to watch and who might surprise us all before the night is over at the 2013 Arnold Classic.

Who Will Claim the 2013 Arnold Classic Title?

Fouad AbiadARNOLD CLASSIC HISTORY 2011, 12th; 2012, 11th

JAMES: Other than needing a little more size here and there, he’s got a good physique. He could be in the mix. It’s really matter of who he stands next to because the top guys have ways of exposing flaws. He needs to find the combo between being hard and being full. We all try to achieve that balance. He can be full two days out and come into the show fl at. If he comes in the way he can, I definitely see him as a top six contender. He took a lot of time off so if he shows the judges improvements, he can make a solid impact here.

MUBARAK: Fouad carries a lot of muscle on his frame. He’s a thick dude with good overall structure and balance. He comes in with low body fat but seems a little fl at. When you are a little fl at it looks like your conditioning is off but his isn’t. He needs to come in fuller and make sure he pops on stage. If he accomplishes this, he can surprise a lot of people.

NICHOLLS: There is a big group of really great guys in this lineup and they all have a shot of making a huge impact if they take things to the next level and hit their  potential, but they are all kind of right on the bubble. The first guy I see in this predicament is Fouad. He just doesn’t quite have enough muscle. He possesses enough size to do some damage, but in his past few off-seasons he focused too much on staying lean for appearances and not on growing and maturing his muscle to set him up for the top spots. Whether he’s put on size or not, he needs to be shredded get noticed.