Who Will Claim the 2013 Arnold Classic Title?

Team AMI/Weider experts Dennis James, Chad Nicholls, and Fakhri Mubarak give us their take on whom to watch and who might surprise us all before the night is over at the 2013 Arnold Classic.

Who Will Claim the 2013 Arnold Classic Title?

Darrem Charles

ARNOLD CLASSIC HISTORY; 1995, 8th; 1996, 10th; 1998, 6th; 1999, 8th; 2000, 7th; 2001, 8th; 2003, 6th; 2005, 6th; 2006, 8th

JAMES: He looked phenomenal at the Masters Olympia last year. If he brings the same condition, or is even better for the Arnold, he will get a better look because there aren’t as many competitors and that makes it easier for the judges to see people. Top six will be very tough for him unless some of the guys come in off. The best plan for Darrem is to come in shredded and dry because that’s how he consistently beat bigger guys all through his career.

MUBARAK: I think he should have placed a little higher than he did at the Masters Olympia. We all know Darrem has great symmetry and lines and good muscularity. He’s not a mass monster, but he never was and still kicked a lot of butt on that IFBB pro stage. If he tightens up a bit more and matches his best condition ever, he can break the top six. Let’s not forget his off-the-chain-posing. I’m looking forward to seeing that!

NICHOLLS: I was really glad to see Darrem back in action at the 2012 Masters Olympia. I thought he could have placed a bit higher. It’s going to be tough for anyone who has sat out a while to really come back in and jump into one of the Arnold top spots, but one thing for certain is that Darrem will be in shape. He’ll be one of the best performers and will demonstrate some of the most polished stage presence in the entire show.