Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door

There’s a fine line between the real Persia White and the character Lynn, which she plays on the hit CW sitcom Girlfriends. She's truly a musician, activist and a girl who loves tattoos. However, Ms. White is a bit more focused, has a steady boy-toy and a rock band dubbed, XEO3. Recently, MF caught up with the exotic beauty to discuss just about everything under the sun.

MF: You’ve had a lot of dates on Girlfriends, what would your dream date consist of?

PW: My dream date would be to hop on a plane and go to Europe. To spend a week walking around, drinking wine... and I won’t lie. Shopping!

MF: What type of guys do you usually date?

PW: If I had a line up for every guy I ever dated, there is no physical thread or look that would be definite to the type of guys I’m attracted to, except that they are extremely intelligent or talented guys. I tend to attract artists... definitely intelligence is one of the things I go for. AND THE REALLY SAD PART IS, I’ll attract a guy like that and then he’ll look at me like “you’re crazy with all those tattoos!”

MF: Are you currently dating anyone now?

PW: For the last couple of months, I have my heart wrapped around somebody... and I’m really happy. I’m sure he put a hex on me because I have been single and all I do is work, but maybe it’ll work out this time.

MF: What’s the "whackest" line a guy has ever approached you with?

PW: It was probably something I read on a want ad. Does that count?

MF: No.

PW: Well, on myspace a guy said you’re sexy, call me. I thought wow, thank you, that was deep. (laughter)

MF: Myspace doesn’t count!

PW: Wow, that’s a hard one. There was this one guy once who overheard a conversation and it came up that I’m Vegan so he came up to me and said; “You’re Vegan? That’s funny, all Vegans are fat and you’re not.” I was like Okaaaaaaay…

MF: Did he not know what it meant?

PW: He didn’t know what to say, I think.

MF: That’s lame, but it segues into my next question because I know that you are Vegan; so does that mean you would pass up on a meat and potatoes man?

PW: No. I’ve only dated one Vegan in my entire life. It would be hard for me to be with someone that was a real hardcore person killing animals himself. I would be like noooo! But no, life’s too short to judge people that quickly.

MF: Ok, so if you could make up the perfect man for Persia, what would the ingredients be?

PW: Perfect? Wait a minute! Perfect how, the person who grabs your heart?

MF: Yes, the perfect mix for Persia.

PW: Hmmmm, it would have to be someone compassionate, sensitive, intelligent and who’d make me laugh my head off everyday… that’s the main ingredient.

MF: What do you find sexy?

PW: A guy who’s sensitive and cares about things other than himself, money and gain. That’s pretty sexy. Intelligence will win at the end of the day over just simply having a hot body. You have to have a head that matches it because without intelligence they wouldn’t know what to do with that body to make a girl just go crazy.