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Get to Know Fitness Expert Emily Skye

Learn more about cover model Emily Skye in our exclusive interview with this Aussie beauty.



Q: What is your biggest motivation?

A: Every time I give advice to people, it’s always advice I would give myself. If I’ve experiences that same thing, it’s what I’ve told myself to get out of that situation. With me, it’s always “Why are you doing this? Why did you start?” When I first started with health and fitness, it did change my life mentally. I was able to think more clearly, be more positive and feel happier. So, I just focus on that and remember how much it did make a change for me. Do I want to lose that and go back to the way I was before, or do I want to keep living this way and keep feeling amazing? You’ve always got to make a choice that’s a long-term choice and not just choosing temporary pleasure over long-term satisfaction.

Q: Who is your fitness hero?

A: My fitness hero is Jamie Eason. She was one of the first people I looked up to when I first got into fitness and health. I suffered from depression for many years when I was younger, and I used health and fitness to get myself out of it. Jamie was someone I looked up to. She was on magazine covers. When I first saw her, it was obviously about how she looked. She was so strong, fit and healthy, which were things I wanted to be. But when I met her, she was a really lovely person. She took time with me, talked with me, helped me with things, gave me advice. She really had a positive impact on me and it was that small with her that inspired me to not only go and get the dreams and goals that I had, but go out there and continue what she does by inspiring people, being real with people and helping people. Now I’m able to pass that along and help people.

Q: Fave cheat treat:

A: Chia-seed pudding with coconut milk

Q: Fun fact that many don’t know about you?

A: I used to ride dirt bikes! And when I’m not in the gym or working, I like to travel and to swim in the ocean. It helps me “deload” to put my feet on the earth and just recharge.

Q: Goals for the future:

A: I’d like to develop organic hair and beauty products since people are always asking for tips on looking great.

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Photo credit: Per Bernal

Hair & Makeup: Natalie Malchev

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