Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Prevent Foot Injuries

Don't put a hurting on your feet every time you lace em up, learn to train smarter.

3 Treats for your feet

(Above, from left to right)

The Melt Hand & Foot Treatment Kit helps alleviate pain from common issues like plantar fasciitis or arthritis. Each kit contains eight Melt treatment balls in various sizes, a bunion reducer band, two illustrated guides, and a travel case. ($50, meltmethod.com)

Roll away foot pain with the TriggerPoint Nano, designed to increase flexibility while relieving small muscular aches and pains. ($25, tptherapy.com)

The CurrexSole ActivePro insoles are engineered to support forward and lateral movements. Choose from one of three arch types (high/medium/low) and different leg axis measurements (bowleg, straight leg, knock-knees). ($50, theinsolestore.com)

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