The Best Clean Eating And Muscle-Building Food Options

Take this list on your next shopping trip to stock up on the best packaged eats of the year.



Detour Smiple Protein Bar

Twenty grams of protein and low sugar (7g) will keep you from crashing, and flavors like Salted Caramel Cookie Dough satisfy your sweet tooth.

Perfect Bar

Each is made with whole foods, organic honey, quality protein, and 20 superfoods. Sans preservatives, they come in seven flavors, like Almond Acai, Cranberry Crunch, and Carob Chip.

Strong & Kind Bar

These bodly flavored Kind bars (like Roasted Jalapeno) deliver 10 grams of soy- and whey-free protein, plus fiber to fuel you up and crush cravings between meals. A rich source of essential amino acids, iron, and other key minerals.

Think Thin High Protein Bar

Get 20 grams of protein quickly from the gluten-free, zero-sugar bar, with outside-the-box flavors like Lemon Delight and Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

D'Naturals No Cow Bar

Who doesn't love cookie dough? A whopping 20 of protein, 19 grams of fiber, and just 1 gram of sugar go into this tasty bar, made with a blend of brown rice and pea protein.

Quest Nutrition Bars

Satisfy you cravings with this high-protein bar that has only 1 gram of sugar.

CLIF Builder's Bar

Build and repair muscle after a hard workout with 20 grrams of clean, lean protein and great all-natural ingredients.

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