Cut Back on Sugar, Help Your Heart

The less sugar you consume, the healthier your ticker. Get tips on how to find and trim added sugars.

Rotten Teeth are your least concern when it comes to sugar.
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Limit or cut out completely sugary drinks.

Try adding a little cranberry juice to flavored seltzer to aid in cutting back on soda. Add sliced lemon, cucumber or mint to your water for added flavor.

Drink teas and coffees unsweetened.

Herbal berry flavored teas hot or iced are naturally sweet without added sugar. If you must have a little sweet in your morning cup of Joe slowly cut back on your added sugar or try a little stevia.

Eat fruit, not junk.

Consume a variety of fruits daily for the sweet taste while also adding fiber, vitamins and minerals. While fruit does contain sugar (fructose) it also has fiber. “The fiber in fruit slows down the absorption of the fructose in the gut,” says Dr. Zembroski.  If you prefer to juice he suggests using more vegetables and less fruit. Try fresh berries after dinner with a little organic coconut cream on top to give it that dessert flavor.

Take your hand out of the cookie jar.

Limit cakes, cookies and sugary treats as much as possible. Once you can break the habit you will feel better and may notice that your weight drops as well. Don’t keep these processed foods in the house to avoid over consumption.

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Indulge wisely.

Enjoy dark chocolate and get some health benefits as well. A 1-ounce square of 70-85% cacao dark chocolate has 170 calories and 7 grams of sugar (28 calories worth).

Read labels carefully.

This is extremely important. There are so many hidden sugars not to mention high fructose corn syrup in most cookies, cakes, ice cream and crackers.  An informed consumer is a healthy consumer.

Moderation is key.

You don’t have to avoid foods you enjoy and endure a life of deprivation. That will make you miserable and may even cause you to overindulge. If you can learn to enjoy sweet treats in moderation say once or twice a week along with an exercise program and clean eating regime you will be fine. Eating treats is about finding the balance. You can have your cake and eat it too (while keeping your heart healthy) if you practice these tips.

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