12 Turbocharged Fat-fighting Secrets

We asked three top pros how they ditch extra pounds in a hurry. Here’s how they do it—and how you can, too.


Per Bernal / M + F Magazine

Jelena Abbou

IFBB Figure Pro

1) Super-size your weight work

Incorporate supersets into your weight training. Doing continuous work keeps your heart rate high, so you blast more calories.

2) Control your sugar

Too much glucose circulating in your body can spike your insulin response, which will increase fat stores over time. To keep my glucose levels steady, I supplement with chromium picolinate, which also plays an important role in the proper utilization of protein, fat, and carbs.

3) Power-up with protein

Make sure you eat enough protein to support your training efforts. I try to include some protein in every meal. Aim to consume 1–1.5g of protein per pound of bodyweight each day.

4) Run hungry

Do your cardio before your first meal of the day. Your body is more likely to use fat as an energy source when glycogen stores are already depleted. I start with 30 minutes of cardio 3–4 times per week.