3 Calorie-Torching HIIT Routines

These high-intensity interval methods will amp up your cardio sessions and burn major calories.


Fhitting Room Instructor: Julia Avery


Why it's her fave: "You can work multiple muscle groups at once with kettlebells through dynamic, ballistic movements such as the kettlebell swing, clean, or snatch. Plus, the off-centered weight forces your to use more of your stabilizer muscles, and they require a wider range of motion. When used in HIIT training, there is no better way to increase your heart rate while simultaneously building lean muscle. 

The Workout

Do five rounds of the following circuit (each round takes about four minutes):

  • 15 calorie rows (row on the rowing maching until you've burned 15 calories)
  • 20 kettlebell snatches (10 on each arm)
  • 10 burpees

Tip: Your goal is to complete all of the exercises as fast as possible so that you have time to rest before the next round begins. 

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