Workout Plans
  • Goal: Abdominal Definition, Hypertrophy, Fat Loss
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Days per week: 4
  • Type: Strength Training
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tucko019 / M+F Magazine
tucko019 / M+F Magazine

Day 24 : Abs

Duration 3 min
Exercises 3
Equipment X

Exercise : Jack Knife 3

-- sets
1 min reps
30 sec rest
*See week 2, legs straight, but this time holding a medicine ball.

Exercise : Star Side Plank

1 sets
30 sec reps
30 sec rest
*Lie on right side with legs stacked, right elbow below right shoulder and forearm directly in front of you. Lift hips and right leg off floor in a side plank. Lift left leg above right while bringing left hand above left shoulder.

Exercise 1

Cross-Body Mountain Climber You'll need: No Equipment How to
Cross-Body Mountain Climber thumbnail
1 sets
45-60 sec reps
30 sec rest
*Each side.