IFBB Pros Share Their Calorie-Killing Workouts

Stacey Alexander and Bianca Berry tell us their top calorie-burning workouts.

Woman Preforming A Tuck Jump
Jay Sullivan

Bianca Berry's Workout 

“This is my go-to workout when I’m limited on time or equipment. It hits all the major muscle groups, and since I do it as a circuit, keeping the rest periods short, my heart rate stays elevated. I try to finish with some HIIT cardio, and within one hour I am drenched in sweat but totally energized!”

Warmup (2 rounds) 

Mini Band Side Step (15 steps per side)

Up-Down Plank (10 reps)

Circuit 1

Do each move in circuit for 45–60 seconds. Do three rounds total; rest 1 minute between each round.

>Dumbbell Sumo Squat 

>Knee Crunch

>Plyo Jump Squat

Circut 2

>Walk Out (Last Rep 5 Pushups)

>Banded Glute Kickback

>Lateral Raise with Front-Raise Combo

Circuit 3

>Biceps Curl To Shoulder Press

>Banded Hip Thruster

>Plyo Reverse Lunge


20 Minute Treadmill HIIT (30 SEC. FAST/30 SLOW)

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