Periodize Your Workouts

When it comes to training, change is good. Learn why manipulating your sets, reps and weight can give you results exactly when you want them.

Woman Kettlebell

Are you ready to attack your workout plan with the same tenacity with which you focus on the other details of your life? Hopefully, the answer is yes. If so, you can create your own periodized approach in your workouts by manipulating sets, reps and weight selection every few weeks, or workout to workout, as described above.

Increased workout variety. Faster results. And you can get in shape on your timetable. It’s so great, it’s almost too bad the concept can’t be extended to other areas of our lives.

Vacation-Ready Abs
Still trying to imagine what a periodized program looks like? In general, training abs involves a slightly higher rep scheme than most body parts, but this sample workout utilizes a common periodized program that runs from muscle adaptation to strength to endurance.

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