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Test Your Bodybuilding Snack Knowledge

Think you know all there is to know about bodybuilding nutrition? Take our quiz to see if you know where to turn when you're in a pinch.


Best snacks for bodybuilding diet - Popcorn

2) Making Movie Magic

You remembered the flowers and to open the car door for your lovely lady, but you forgot to buy tickets in advance, and now the prime 9 p.m. showing of 27 Kisses From a Fool in Love is sold out. Your best option to salvage the date: Hit an earlier movie, then get dinner. That means it’ll be more than two hours before you can eat. What’s the best way to salvage your muscle at the concession stand?

a) A small popcorn, hold the butter, Goobers and an iced tea
b) A jumbo hot dog and a Diet Coke
c) Combo No. 1: a large popcorn with butter, candy of your choice (Red Vines, duh) and a cherry Icee

Obviously, choice C hasn’t really been an option since you were 11. And don’t be fooled by A. Yes, popcorn is a whole grain, but it’s high on the glycemic index. That means it’s a faster-digesting carb and eating it can cause insulin levels to spike, which increases fat storage. Besides, if you’re up on your food facts, you’ll know that when the Center for Science in the Public Interest conducted a study on movie-theater popcorn, it found a mass of trans fats and supersized servings.

While the peanuts in Goobers do contain protein, the candy is just too full of fat and carbs to be reasonable, even in an emergency situation. Instead, go with option B. Ignore the bun, pick up a couple of packets of mustard and you’re good to go.

Hot dogs are a fairly good source of protein, and though they do contain a lot of fat, particularly saturated fat, studies have shown that diets high in sat fat are better for maintaining testosterone levels. Besides, all you need is a bit of protein to get your muscles through the next hour and a half undamaged. As for the emotional damage incurred by being forced to sit through this summer’s hottest romantic comedy, well, you’re on your own. So the answer is B.