Healthy Recipes

12 Ridiculously Good Protein Shakes

7. Watermelon Cooler

Are you seeking the perfect summer outdoor post-workout shake, or maybe just a long drink to cool you down? Look no further than this watermelon cooler shake! The zero artificial sugar content of this blend, as well as the low carbohydrate count, makes it a perfect healthy boost. Add ice to achieve your desired texture – be generous if you’d like a slushy consistency.

Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate, 1 scoop

Small Watermelon, 1/4

Ice, 1/2 cup

8. Chocolate Almond Delight

Chocolate covered almonds are an all-time favorite for many, but aren’t usually kind to waistlines. Try this almond milk and cocoa powder based protein shake on for size to achieve the same taste while maintaining your body.

Myprotein Impact Whey (or Casein Protein), 1 scoop

Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 cup

Ice, 1 cup

Spinach, 1 cup

Cocoa Powder, 1 tsp

Stevia (optional), 1 packet

9. Chocolate Banana Smoothie

It doesn’t get much better than chocolate-dipped bananas! This widespread favorite can still be enjoyed healthily with an added protein punch in the form of this chocolate banana smoothie. Add in some peanut butter for extra healthy fats and a creamier texture.

Myprotein Impact Whey, Chocolate, 1 scoop

Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1 cup

Almonds, 5

Banana, 1/2

Peanut Butter or Almond Butter, 1 tsp

Dry Oats, 1/2 cup

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