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Summer Grilling Tips For Your Next Barbecue

Take your next BBQ up a notch by grilling everything you can get your hands on.



Often overlooked but always delicious, grilled fruit is incredibly easy to make. It’s a fun way to promote fruit from a boring snack food to an interesting side dish, and a good opportunity to spice up typical grilled fare. Try pairing mango with chicken, or pineapple with beef or pork chops. Grilling partially dehydrates the fruit and caramelizes the sugar, which concentrates and really brings out the flavor.

Fruits like apples, pears, peaches, and figs can be cut in half and grilled facedown, or diced and skewered.

Softer fruits like bananas and mangoes can be cooked with the skin on to maintain their shape. Cook fruit over medium heat on a well-oiled grill and serve it as soon as the grill lines become pronounced.

Grill Tips:

  • Using your tongs, dip a rolled-up dishcloth in canola oil to prep your grill.
  • Cheat day? Sprinkle some brown sugar on fruit before grilling and pair with low-fat yogurt for a killer dessert.
  • Grill tongs are longer than kitchen tongs— usually between 13 and 22 inches


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