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Summer Grilling Tips For Your Next Barbecue

Take your next BBQ up a notch by grilling everything you can get your hands on.



You wouldn’t exclude vegetables from a typical meal, so why leave them off the grill? Grilling brings out the best in most vegetables—some flavors intensify, others sweeten—and a few notables like corn, asparagus, onion, and peppers are rendered so delectable, they might have you empathizing with vegetarians.

Vegetables do better on the grill when brushed lightly with oil to prevent sticking, but it’s not crucial if you’re dealing with a well-oiled grill. Pre-grill seasoning, meanwhile, is a great way to add flavor without calories. as for the temperature, a steady medium heat is best, and resisting the urge to move your veggies around every few minutes will get you those coveted grill lines.

Grill Tips:

  • Cooking without foil will really amp up the smoky flavor in your vegetables.

Timing Is Everything:

Some vegetables need more time on the grill than others.

Vegetable Grilling Time
Asparagus 5 Minutes
Zucchini 6 Minutes
Portabello Mushroom 7 Minutes
Bell Pepper 10 Minutes
White Mushroom 12 Minutes
Corn 15 Minutes


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