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Super Green Smoothie

Get your veggies in with these nutritious blend.

Super Green Smoothie
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Calories 120
Protein 2g
Carbs 29g
Fiber 3g
Sugar 21g
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Need to get your veggies in? Blend up this green, clean drink recipe from Smoothie King. This at-home recipe is modeled off one of its new Veggie Blend offerings, rolling out in March. It’s packed with antioxidants and fiber, with just 120 calories per 20-ounce serving.

Super Green Smoothie Servings: 1 20 oz smoothie
Prep time: 5 min.
You'll need
  • ½ cup spinach
  • ½ cup fresh pineapple
  • ¼ cup diced carrot
  • ¼ cup chopped kale
  • small piece of fresh peeled ginger
  • 2 servings of any sweetener
  • ½ cup green apple (or other) juice
  • ½ cup ice
1. Place all ingredients in a blender with ice and blend.