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Get in Jiu-Jitsu-Shape With the Gracie Diet

Get as fit as the most infamous MMA family in the world.


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At first glance, all this thinking might seem like a hassle but Rorion, who has written a book specifically to assist new recruits, insists that given time, the information will become second nature: “The book has a very gradual approach on how to implement the changes making it very easy for anyone to adapt, and we also provide support through our site where you can find an interactive list of foods that show you what combines with what.”

Besides food combinations, other things recommended by the Gracie Diet are fasting one day a month and also acquiring the habit of eating until you’re approximately 80 percent full. “Fasting has great health benefits because it allows for a house cleaning of your body,” says Rorion. “It is recommended for people over 40 years old but not for pregnant women. As for eating until we’re 80 percent full, it’s important to remember that the reason we feel hunger is to remind us to nourish our body, not to stuff our faces! You should leave the table knowing you could eat a little more, or just eat 80 percent of what’s on your plate.”


Rorion insists that while the diet has no official scientific endorsement, the health and longevity of his family and thousands of Gracie Diet practitioners across the world are testament to its worth.

“In order for any diet to be validated,” says Rorion, “it should be tested or followed for 30 or 40 years. So that by then, one can see the actual result it has produced. Most diets do not go through this endurance test and that is why they become ‘fad diets,’ in other words, they come and go. The Gracie Diet has been in use for 75 years and it has transformed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Uncle Carlos lived until 94 and my father until 95. In fact, the last time I visited my father in his ranch in Brazil, he was 94 and 6 months, he gave me a hug and a kiss and said, ‘Rorion, let's go on the mat, I want to show you a new choke I have been working on.’ The Diet not only gave them both, long fulfilling lives, but they had a good quality of life as well.”

And with one final statement, Rorion Gracie leaves us in no doubt regarding the faith he bestows upon the family diet: “I am so confident of the benefits from the diet that if I had to choose between my knowledge of jiu-jitsu or my diet, I would choose the diet!”


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