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5 Tips for Crushing the College Lifestyle

Moderation is key when it comes to the work hard, play harder mentality.



Between having higher testosterone than you ever will for the rest of your life and the all-you-can-eat campus cafeteria, college truly is an all-you-can-gain buffet. With that said, here's how to pack on slabs of muscle while taking full advantage of the opportunities that college presents. 


It’s pretty well known that college is both widely advertised and renowned for drinking. Getting in shape doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and take part in social activities while you do it. Dom Mazetti, the star of the YouTube sensation known as BroScience says: “What’s the point to lifting weights if you can’t get drunk and take your shirt off?” Really let that sink in for a second. In life, all things in excess are bad. Eating, working out, sleeping, studying, and dating for example. If you do too much of anything, there is some form of disease or a deleterious side-effect waiting for you. It's foolish to say that you won't gain any muscle when alcohol is included in your diet, yet drinking four nights a week won't lead you hitting any of your gym goals. Making your gains will simply be a slower progress compared to those who don't overindulge. Drinking in such an excess will likely cause your grades to drop, and will impede on crucial gym time.

I have a very dear friend who is an army ranger with bigger arms than I could ever attain. He could two miles in ten minutes. While in college he was president of his fraternity and would wake up from a night of partying and broke every record the ROTC program had. This worked for him because he did not let alcohol affect his intensity. This guy works out every day harder than anyone, regardless of how bad he feels because of his hang over. I want this story to come across as that you can enjoy alcohol (in moderation) and become stronger. My friend, who I was describing, would run eight miles in combat boots with a 60-pound ruck mid-day during the summers. If that isn’t your level of intensity, I would be very mindful of alcohol’s effects on your life and progress in the gym. 

Personally, I drink once in a while, and do enjoy beer and wine. I enjoy going out, but alcohol isn't needed as a form of a social lubricant. I can have a great time with or without alcohol, and that’s because I’ve become a well-rounded person. Having a scotch on the rocks with a friend can be great, and partying is a blast, but just remember to find a balance between everything.